Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Applying Rub Ons to a Glass Jar

I'd been having a bit of a tidy up in my office and in the process unearthed a lot of ribbon scraps that I'm sure will get used one day.  Perhaps they would if they were in a container on my desk in view.

So I found a jar in a cupboard washed off the label and gave it a good clean and dry and decorated it.  I wanted decoration where I would still be able to see the ribbon inside so rub ons were a great option.

Here's how I did it: -

Being an almost square jar it wasn't quite as hard to hold it still as it would have been with a round one but I still used a tea towel to keep it in place.

Choose the image you want from the full sheet or rubons and trim round it and it's backing sheet.

Carefully remove the backing sheet without touching the back of the rub on and gently press the rub on in position on the glass jar.

Use the popsicle stick that came with the rub ons or a bone folder - I prefer the bone folder - rub over the rub on image.  When it looks like it has stuck to the glass gently peel the top cover back.  If part of it hasn't stuck place it back and rub again.

Build up the design of your choice on your jar.

Cover all the sides and the lid.

Add ribbons or as a gift idea, chocolate, shortbread, etc, etc.

I'd love to see what you've made using this tutorial, please leave me a comment with a link to your project.


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