Monday, January 21, 2013

Extended Candy Wrapper Box

 Get together: -
-     Big Shot and Candy Wrapper Die
-     Cardstock for box – 9”x6” and scraps for decorating
-     DSP – 2”x6” for belly band
-     Stamp Set, ink pad and other decorating items of your choice.

Take 9x6” piece of cardstock and score at 3.5x5.5” along the 9” side.

Concertina fold your cardstock and place on the die.  The cardstock is only fractionally bigger than the cutting area on the die.

Adhere your dsp strip between the centre score lines then score all vertical and horizontal lines.  Don’t worry about the diagonal ones yet.

Using your chosen adhesive, sticky strip or Multi Purpose adhesive both work well, to the thin long tab and stick your box together to form a tube.  I find this easier to do with the box flattened.

With the box flattened fold the diagonal folds up

and back on both ends.  Open box back up and flatten again so the unscored diagonals are open to be folded.

Take end of box and squash like the top of a milk carton opening up again as in the picture.  Slide your thumb and first finger into the points on the sides and twist and press the form the shape shown below.  If you struggle with this take a look at this You Tube video.

Decorate as you choose and you’re done!!


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