Friday, September 20, 2013

Tips & Tricks - How Important Is Your Stamping Surface

I was reminded quite by accident just how important the surface underneath your card stock layer is.

I'd had a fabulous morning out with a friend and came home and decided it was time to make up some spare make & take kits to have on hand for thank you cards.  The afternoon had turned cold and I found myself moving everything I was doing closer to the heater and ended up with my cutting mat, topped with grid paper on the carpet in front of the heater.

I stamped away as usual and this is what happened.  You'll always get some halo effect (gaps in a stamped image across layers) with the Triple Time Stamping technique but wow this was huge.

Realising my error and cursing a bit because I should have known better I moved over to my glass topped coffee table.

Still some halo effect because of the layers but a big difference having a solid surface.

Having the layers hides the missing part of the image and creates the Triple Time Stamping technique popularised by Dawn Olchefske.

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