Friday, November 15, 2013

Tips & Tricks - Getting more Use out of your Stampin' Write Markers

All markers run out of ink with use and it's great that the Stampin' Write Markers can be reinked with the Classic Stampin' Ink Refills.  But even though we can reink them it's still a job that's better to only have to do every so often.  

In my early Stampin' Up!® days when I only had a few markers it seemed that the best way to store them was in a mug with the rest of my tools. 

I think most of us have something like this that we store our 'need to have in reach' tools in.

However most of those markers now have tons of ink still in the brush end and very little ink, if any, in the journalling end. 

After finding out this was not a great way to store my Stampin' Write markers I stored them flat in a plastic cutlery tray until I moved them to the Clear Mount Stamp Cases when they were released.

Since then my markers have kept their ink at both ends.  Store your markers in their Clear Mount Cases flat like in the photo above or sitting on the spine. Don't be tempted to make them fit nicely with your clear mount stamp sets which will mean storing the markers standing up.

I hope this helps you get a lot more use out of your Stampin' Write Markers.  If you have any questions feel free to Email me.

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