Friday, November 8, 2013

Tips & Tricks - Washi Tape Pegs

I'm very fortunate in my Stampin' Up!® world to be surrounded by talented paper crafters.  One of those ladies is Kirsty (StampIN-K).  She graciously shared her Washi Tape pegs with the team at our latest team gathering.

This is the way I've found that works best for me to get the Washi Tape to stick nicely to the peg.

I didn't find it easy using the Washi Tape while it was still attached to the roll.  Yes I used less tape but I found it fiddly so....

I ripped off a slightly longer piece than necessary and laid it flat, sticky side up.  the peg gets placed on to the tape matching one side up perfectly.  N.B. Putting the side with the wire against the edge of the washi tape now makes cutting along the edges easier in the next step.

Using your paper snips trim the tape along the other three edges.

Decorate as you please.  I use Sticky Strip to adhere my embellishment to the peg and placed so it hid the wire.

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